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Brave in St Peter's Marina, Newcastle
Brave in St Peter's Marina, Newcastle

Journalists Richard and Cathy Brown sailed round Britain and Ireland in 2009, their first summer of freedom, taking in the Orkneys, the Outer Hebrides and the west coast of Ireland. In 2010 they cruised the French Atlantic coast as far as the Gironde.  In 2011 they explored the glorious rias of Galicia, north west Spain, and then headed home along the French coast, in their yacht BRAVE. 2012 was a bit of a disappointment as the weather rather curtailed their summer plans. This year they are once again aiming to go round Britain, but this time via the Caledonian Canal and the Irish Sea, filling in some of the gaps they left the first time.

Where are we now?
02/06/13: We are in Whitby, planning to leave today for Lowestoft, unexpectedly heading south on our way home. See Brave's Blog 2013

29/05/13: We've added pictures to Picture Gallery 2013

Newcastle's bridges, from the river
Newcastle's bridges, from the river

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